Hi stranger!

my friends call me Pete

Former Photoshop addict, Geek, Gamer, Web Developer,
Frontend Developer located in Vienna, Austria

Me, Myself and I

My passion for Webdesign started 1999 as an 16 year old. I was simply fascinated about the fact that you can communicate and share information around the globe in seconds.

After my final apprenticeship as a salesperson i started to develop skills primarely in Design, Photoshop, HTML and CSS. One of my big things theese days was dark-art and iconing.

Since then, i was in many agencies in austria and my view shifted more towards Javascript and PHP development.


I try to be always on the edge with current Front-End Technologies, im also sortof the guy who codes in public busses just because i love what i do, and my fascination for the Web never stopped.

Currently im employed as an Frontend Developer at ecosio in vienna, austria.

In my freetime im maintaining my private projects, making "throw away for learning" projects or you'll find me shooting Zombies among other pixelated enemies

- Projects -


DeLiVeR - Command Line Tool to automate releasing processes for GitHub/GitLab/npm

NodeJS, ES2016

Brackets Swatcher

Originally started as an Weekend Hack of mine, because i hated to deal with "Variable Files" from CSS Frameworks, Swatcher now, is a full blown color-management and importing tool for Adobe Brackets.

Compatible with SASS and LESS, can import binary Adobe ACO and ASE Swatchfiles

Written entirely in JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Sublime Text 3 Fieldmanual for Frontend Developers

A onepage tutorial in which im going through advanced techniques, configurations, shortcuts and plugins for Sublime Text 3

Written in AngularJS, HTML, CSS

Super Shotgun Launcher

A so called Doom Frontend, easier Gamemod loading for the Game Doom with gzDoom or Zandronum, has also Oblige Random Map Builder Integration.

Written in: AngularMaterial, jQuery, NWJS, underscore

Warframe Alerts

Also an 2 day hack - back in the days there was no really good Twitter alert App for Warframe - so i did one.

Only sad thing is that i dont have the time to continually maintain it

Written in PHP and Javascript

Adobe Swatch Importer

Due to the need for an Swatchimporter for my Brackets Extension i was on the search for something similar to Port from - but found nothing.

So i made an library to import and convert Adobe Color Swatches with Javascript, tried to reverseengeneer the binary ASE format. Still work in progress.

Written in Javascript (requireJS Module)


This was my really first requireJS Project, just made it to learn new Frameworks and technologies, due to this the code is pretty shi...

But i know a lot of people who are using it daily, so i also present it here. An App to errorcheck Responsive Websites.

Written in Javascript (requireJS, jQuery) and uiKit

- Skills & Tools -


  • Webpack
  • NW.js/Electron
  • Grunt/Gulp
  • Javascript/ES6
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Python
  • MongoDB and SQL

FW and Libs

  • React/Redux
  • Angular 1.x
  • Knockout
  • Electrode
  • jQuery

Using daily

  • Git/GitLab/GitHub
  • Node/NPM/yarn
  • TernJS
  • MacOS/ArchLinux
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code